birthday weekend.

well i'm officially the whopping 19 now.
i feel incredibly old, yet young.
it's kind of a weird feeling to be honest with you.
but anyways, i had quite possibly the best
birthday weekend ever. i don't even know where to begin.
it was a weekend filled with:
more food.
more laughing.
and plenty of pictures.
cristy and misty were home from colorado.
chelsey, lance, and baby carson were home from kaysville.
me, tash, and shalee were all home from college.
we were ever so pleased to have
it's been quite awhile since the harmans have all been together, so we enjoyed every last second of it.
saturday night: after the priesthood session, all the adults, including myself, made a good ole' visit to shon hing for our bi-annual conference dinner. it was fantastic. finally, haha i am old enough to attend this event. and i tell you what, being there is alot better than babysitting your siblings til 11 and praying your parents would bring you home leftovers. (haha, i've been doing this since i was 8) so this was a night i had been looking forward to for a long time. haha anyways, the food was so delicious. i think all in attendence had a good time. there's never a dull moment with those harmans around. from their laughs, to their stories, it just never gets old. uncle ryn even got to make a call to the police because of some "gang action" happening outside.

sunday got even better: dan, tammy & their finally showed up
and that's when the real party got started.
we ate, in fact we ate alot. we had it all. turkey, ham, rolls, aunt terisa's delicious potato salad, green salad, chips and dip, fresh fruit, (freak my stomach just growls thinking about it.) and aunt tina brought all sorts of delicious desserts. pretty sure i packed on the pounds this weekend.
after lunch, we took some family pictures.
we have all changed quite a bit since our last one, almost 12 years ago.
crazy how time flies.
anyways after that we played the most hilarious game.
it's called boxers or briefs.
we learned quite a few secrets...
haha and i'll leave it at that. :]
all in all it was a fantastic weekend, and i couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday than with family.

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