christmas 08

home for the HOLIDAYS :]

oh my heck. i seriously don't even know where to begin. i don't think i have quite enjoyed the holidays as much as i did this year. they were a blast! :] christmas was something i had been looking forward to since august when my parents dropped me off in logan. haha. but anyways.. it was a fun-filled, jam-packed 6 days that i spent in burley. not one second was wasted. i hung out with friends from highschool, went caroling to old highschool teachers, played in the snow(it actually never stopped snowing while i was there), watched movies, ate, delivered gifts, played guitar hero you name it, i pretty much did it. another thing i loved about being home for christmas were the famous harman family parties. anyone who knows us, knows that the harmans are quite the "party animals." we have a family party at least once every month. but during the month of the december we have a ton. haha. there's seriously nothing like a ton of good food, listening to everyone's stories, and hearing all the laughter is priceless. for christmas eve, we followed the good ole' harman tradition of going to aunt terisa's for christmas dinner. it was delicious. following dinner we did our annual gift exchange. its always fun to see what exciting gifts everyone recieved. on christmas day, we had a dinner at my house. once again, more good food. except we had a little surprise. grandpa bud literally whipped out the apron and show us his cooking skills. now this was a side of grandpa we hadn't ever seen before. but i must say, we all enjoyed it. in fact, tashie even video recorded his cooking demo. his carmel popcorn was delicious. everyone who partook of it greatly enjoyed it. after dinner, we played one of me & my siblings favorite games. its called boxers & briefs, it sounds a bit sketchy, but honestly its not. playing this game with all the harmans was hilarious. my cheeks were hurting so bad by the end of the night. my jam-packed, fun-filled vacation ended with an unexpected 5 hour drive back to logan. the roads were insanely bad, but i'm grateful that i made it back here in one piece. i miss my family already. this christmas was seriously the best. there's really no place like home for the holidays. i'm already looking forward to next year... :]


a wild hair, literally.

so i had a bit of a wild hair today, literally.
christmas break in logan,
alone with my roomate who is attending hairschool,
can only lead to one thing,
THIS. i know what you're thinking.
"alisha, you've been blonde your
whole life. why this?"
and to answer you,
i really have no idea why i did it.
im still in shock.
i've never done anything so daring
in my life,
but i must say, i like it.
and dad,
i love you.
please don't think im rebelling. :]
and just so you guys all know
i have already proven the fact that
you don't have to be blonde to have
blonde moments.
i was making waffles,
didn't have eggs.
so i made a SPECIAL trip
to the grocery
to buy eggs.
made the waffles.
took a bite.
they were dry.
verdict is:
i forgot to add the
eggs to the waffle mix.
haha only me, only me.


happy birthday ave :)

Word on the street is that my little sister is turning the BIG SIXTEEN today.However, I think I'm in denial, because such a thing seems unreal. It seems like just yesterday we were playing
"school" and fighting over who got to be the teacher.
I guess I will have to come into touch with reality and face the facts:
my sister is official
to date AND legal to drive at night.
I love Averi. I look up to her.
(Haha, not just because of the fact that she is a whopping 6 inches taller that me.)
But because she is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
Averi has such an awesome personality.
She's almost always laughing, well unless
you wake her up, then that's a totally different story.
She is loved by many, and a friend to all.
I love her random text messages. They make me smile. :]
I miss driving her to school everyday.
I miss our "morning prayers."
I miss her getting mad at me when I left our vanity messy. HAHA.
I miss bumping into her in the hallways of the highschool.
I miss her delicious crepes.
Averi, lets be honest, I just freaking miss you.
Have fun eating those delicious Italian Roast Beef Sandwiches.


free, free at last.

took my last final today.
couldn't be happier.
semester is over.
bring on the holidays :)
think im gonna go take a bubble bath,
yes i am. :)
free, free at last...



This weekend I decided to take a lovely little trip down to good ole' Springdale, Idaho. (I'll be the first to admit that I stinkin' miss the place. Anyone who talks to me though probably could have guessed that. I'm pretty much a home body.)

But anyways, Saturday morning I packed up the grand am and headed for home. I popped in the new Taylor Swift CD. I always have to have good music with me to keep me awake while driving, it also keeps the drive entertaining. I jammed out to it the whole way home. In fact, I was so caught up in my music that I got off on the wrong exit, haha, and ended up in Raft River. Don't even ask me how I did this, but I really did. I scare myself sometimes.

But I finally made it back to the Harman household safe and sound. My family had just got back from cutting down the Christmas tree up by Pomerelle. I was so freaking excited. I look forward to decorating the Christmas tree every year. Since we have moved into our new house, we've up scaled our Christmas tree footage and stepped it up to a whopping 17 feet this year. It was hilarious to watch my dad shimmy up the ladder and listen to my mom tell him where to place the ornaments. But after much tribulation and hard work, our Christmas tree is officially decorated. My dad thinks its the best one yet, and I'd have to agree with him! :)

Saturday night, I went to the CSI Boys Basketball game with my best friend Regan. It was way fun. I hadn't seen her in forever, so it was good to catch up.

Another exciting highlight of the weekend was getting to see my Grandpa Bud and Grandma Bev at church. I miss seeing them every Sunday, and it totally made me happy. :)

There's truly nothing quite as good as coming back home. I appreciate home more each time I go back. I enjoyed this weekend with my family and can't wait to see them again.
Only 10 more days :) let the count down begin...


Fall Semester Over :)

As of today, my first semester of college
is over. And to be quite honest, I couldn't
be more happy about it.
Only 2 more finals, and i'll be FREE. :)


Design Portfolio COMPLETE :)

The Final Product :)

Business Card & Letterhead

All of my projects...

my case after being recovered (use to be a santa claus lunch box)
my logo

After ...

28 pieces of black cardstock,
1 bottle of mod podge,
2 paintbrushes,
3 trips to Hobby Lobby,
a trip to walmart's photo center,
3 rolls of adhesive,
1 can of adhesive spray,
3 sleepless nights,
Alisha is stressfree... and
my design portfolio is
finally complete. :)


lisha goes blogging!

so its official,
i'm starting a blog!
after many countless hours of
looking at other people's blogs,
i've decided that i'll conform and
become a blogger.
my mom always calls me, wonderin
what i've been doing, so now she can
actually SEE what i've been up to.
this will be fun! :)