MY. quirks. :)

i'm me. plain & simple.
one: it's virtually impossible for me to fall asleep before one o'clock a.m. and at these times, i find myself doing some of the most random things ever.
two: fact- in highschool i was grounded from the privledge of rearranging my bedroom, due to the fact that i may or may not have accidentally tore the carpet.
three: i love chocolate in any way, shape, or form. :)
four: when i am parking my car, i always take off my seatbelt before, because i feel that it helps me park "better." Some would beg to differ.
five: i haven't even come close to mastering the whole "domestic cooking" thing yet.
however, i'm so close to perfecting the art of baking cookies, it scares me. haha.
six: it's almost disgusting how often i visit mcdonalds. in fact, last week my roomates dared me to go a week without eating there. let's just say, i lasted 5 days.
my visit to the drive thru goes a little something like this:
employee: "Hi, welcome to McDonald's! What can we make for you today?"
me: "Hello. One McDouble, ketchup only, one small fry, and a large blue powerade."
employee & myself repeat in unison: "Alrighty that will be $3.23 at the first window please. :)"
i'm sure when they see me pull up, they all roll their eyes and mumble..
"Oh no! Not this girl again!"
seven: Every morning, whether i need to or not, my brain likes to wake up at 5:32 a.m.
it is then quickly put back to sleep... thank you snooze button.
eight: i REALLY REALLY need to start thinking about things before i say them. i have been known to embarass myself once or twice.
nine: i think i have watched just about every episode of CSI, NCIS, criminal minds, and the medium, at least twice.
ten: i think my laugh changes, everytime i laugh.
eleven: i have a bucket list, and i plan to complete it!
twelve: i am completely content with where my life is headed right now. somedays are harder than others, but i know that if i keep doing what i'm suppose to, everything will work out how its suppose to, at exactly the right time and place that its suppose to. i find comfort in knowing that. :)
thirteen: when i grow up, i want a big, super super OLD timeless looking house.
fourteen: a few of my fears: failure, clowns, and sex offenders. random, i know!
fifteen: most of the pictures on my computer are saved to a file entitled "inspiration. All of the photos are random tidbits i find pertaining to interior design, event planning, houses, headbands, weddings, and photography.
sixteen: the gospel is a HUGE part of my life. without it, i wouldn't be me. i am so blessed to have it as a part of my life.
seventeen: music, i listen to it all. And pandora radio is quite possibly the best thing invented since sliced bread.
eighteen: i truly believe that certain people, things, and experiences are placed in your life for a reason. and in everything you do, there is a lesson to be learned.
nineteen: chuck norris is quite possibly one of my favorite people. :)
twenty: i enjoy playing "YOUR TEAM" entirely too much. especially with my mom, she always finds me the most random people for my team.
twenty one: i'm obsessed with the number 3. in all my sketches, designs, or projects, i always make sure i have things in groups of three. and in my sketches i place three dots on random things.


i love this guy.

just a few reasons why i love my dad...

he's got one of those smiles that becomes contagious,
accompanied by the most comforting laugh.
he's got the best advice.
he's hardworking. actually hardworking is probably and understatement,
because he is constantly working.
he likes burnt brownies. :)
his phone calls and text messages are completely random,
but they always seem to occur at the time when i need them.
he looks out for me.
he cares so much about my family and i.
he continues to love me unconditionally.
he is one of the most unjudging individuals you will ever meet. he gives everyone a chance. and isn't afraid to be friends with anyone. he loves everyone despite their past and flaws. he sees hope in everyone.
he loves my mom. and treats her with respect.
he is one of the most outgoing people i know.
he enjoys serving others.
he makes sure the grass in our yard is always the greenest.
he makes the best steak and potatoes, chili tacos, and dutch oven anything.
he has never asked me to do anything that he wasn't already willing to do himself.
dad, thanks for always being the person i need you to be.
happy fathers day.
i love you.



hiiiiii. i'm lisha and i have a problem.
i'm addicted to zippers. :)


summer. :)

hello ya'll.
yes. i am still alive.
just been a bit busy, so let me give you an update.

school is now over. (praise the heavens!) it's been over for a month now. goodness, that has flown by ever so quickly. but i passed all my classes. woot! finals were a breeze. woot! it's actually kind of a weird feeling, not being stressed and all.
in fact: sometimes i find myself freaking out, because i feel as if i have a deadline to make, or a project to finish... but i guess thats just post traumatic syndrome after such a time consuming year.

anyways. enough about school.

summer is in full swing. and i must say i am loving every minute of it. although i wish the sunshine would come out from hiding. thank you. :)

most of my time is spent working. but i don't mind it one bit. i'm still putting in my hours at good ole' vanity. still lovin it there. BUT i now have a second job that i am absolutely in love with. i am working at the downeast home & clothing, working on the home side of the store. selling furniture, arranging room vignettes, making beds... :) is it weird to say that it doesn't even feel like a job? i love it JUST that much. i figure its good experience for my upcoming career. the people i work with are SO nice and my customers are all unique and SO friendly. i just love it.

this summer has already been a busy one and the rest of the summer looks just the same...
so many EXCITING events have happened for the family.

greggor got his driving permit. yep. stay off all roads and sidewalks folks.

tash and tyler got married on the 14th. she looked gorgeous and the weather was perfect. i am so excited for the both of them.

zane left on his mission about a week ago. his farewell was awesome and he gave such a good talk in sacrament. he is such a hard worker, he will be an amazing missionary.

travis won state golf... congrats kiddo!

summer and aj are now parents. :) i've only seen pictures, but little jemma looks absolutely adorable. i cannot wait to meet her.

and next week shalee and bryan get married. yahoo!

see. i told you this summer was a busy one. :)