summer. :)

hello ya'll.
yes. i am still alive.
just been a bit busy, so let me give you an update.

school is now over. (praise the heavens!) it's been over for a month now. goodness, that has flown by ever so quickly. but i passed all my classes. woot! finals were a breeze. woot! it's actually kind of a weird feeling, not being stressed and all.
in fact: sometimes i find myself freaking out, because i feel as if i have a deadline to make, or a project to finish... but i guess thats just post traumatic syndrome after such a time consuming year.

anyways. enough about school.

summer is in full swing. and i must say i am loving every minute of it. although i wish the sunshine would come out from hiding. thank you. :)

most of my time is spent working. but i don't mind it one bit. i'm still putting in my hours at good ole' vanity. still lovin it there. BUT i now have a second job that i am absolutely in love with. i am working at the downeast home & clothing, working on the home side of the store. selling furniture, arranging room vignettes, making beds... :) is it weird to say that it doesn't even feel like a job? i love it JUST that much. i figure its good experience for my upcoming career. the people i work with are SO nice and my customers are all unique and SO friendly. i just love it.

this summer has already been a busy one and the rest of the summer looks just the same...
so many EXCITING events have happened for the family.

greggor got his driving permit. yep. stay off all roads and sidewalks folks.

tash and tyler got married on the 14th. she looked gorgeous and the weather was perfect. i am so excited for the both of them.

zane left on his mission about a week ago. his farewell was awesome and he gave such a good talk in sacrament. he is such a hard worker, he will be an amazing missionary.

travis won state golf... congrats kiddo!

summer and aj are now parents. :) i've only seen pictures, but little jemma looks absolutely adorable. i cannot wait to meet her.

and next week shalee and bryan get married. yahoo!

see. i told you this summer was a busy one. :)


Tashie said...

And its so busy that I never see you! We need to change this. Cuz it gets lonely out here in smithfield by myself. Lol!

Macey Jones said...

it's sad when i have to be updated on your life from a blog. oh well...better than nothing i guess. i just miss you girl. glad to hear all is well! :)