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kids say the darndest things...

lately at work,
i have had so many funny stories involving kids.
i thought i'd share a few.

story number one:
so one night at work, i decided to rearrange a few furniture pieces on the sales floor. normally, one of the boys would help me, but they were busy in the back unwrapping new pieces, so i decided i would try it by myself. the sofas and arm chairs moved like a dream, just glided across that floor almost effortlessly. i got to the dining area of the store and decided i was going to move a buffet piece. well, it obviously was much heavier than it looked and me moving it turned into a real failure. i was wearing a pair of shoes that had zero traction and the piece was so heavy that as i tried pushing it forward, it remained firmly in place. and instead of me moving it, it moved me. i kinda giggled, and thought to myself "haha.. good thing no one saw that one." i was wrong. as i turned around, a little boy walked towards me (probably around 4 years old..), he looked up at me, put his hands on his hips and in a lecturing manor exclaimed, "you do know that if you want to move furniture, you have to have muscles?" not going to lie, i was a little offended, but it was hilarious, who was i not to laugh?
after all, he did make a very valid point. 

story number two:
last month we had a bunk bed set up in the kids section. it was adorable, and at the top of it there was a pirate's mast, so it appeared to be a pirate ship. i saw a mom and her two young daughters checking it out, so i wandered over and asked the mother if she had any questions pertaining to the bunk bed. before the mother could say a word, the youngest daughter (probably age 3... going on 21) chimed in...
little girl:"you know we really like this bunk bed, it looks a lot like the one we sleep on at grandma's, but this one just isn't going to cut it."
me: "and why's that?" (trying not to laugh)
little girl: "pirates are just not for little girls."
me: " you are exactly right! that's more of a boy thing, isn't it?"
little girl: "well yes, but actually, my mother is expecting a baby boy in 3 months, so maybe i need to learn to like pirates."

story number three:
one night as i was walking towards the kid's furniture section, i noticed a few kids sitting in the play chairs that they had lined up in a very straight line. in front of them, was another kid standing up behind a nightstand facing them and talking to the kids that were sitting. as i got closer, i overheard the kid standing up saying... "and i know that this church is true."
hahahaha, 5 little kids had taken it upon themselves to set up "church" at downeast and were playing primary. too funny.
i don't think i was that creative when i was that age. 

story number four:
saturday at work, a dad was walking around the store with his little boy in a stroller. while his wife was shopping he decided to take a breather on one of our sofas, like most dads do, and the little boy was still sitting in the stroller. as i walked up towards the cash register, the little boy, who didn't even look like he was old enough to speak, LOUDLY shouted, "HEYYYYY GIRL!"
everyone around the register got the giggles.

oh kids.
they say the darndest things...