a very special lady.

i didn't think today would hit me as hard as it has, but its been rough.

thirteen years ago today, my sweet grandma carol slipped away peacefully after a battle with cancer, just hours before her 60th birthday.

i was only 7 at the time, but the impact it had on me then is just as strong, if not stronger than it was that night.

years have gone by, i have gotten older, and i have come to appreciate this lady more and more. my grandma was never one to ever complain. she was always happy with a smile that was contagious. and a hug that could heal anything. i can still hear her cute little laugh. she had so many friends. i still remember how many people were at her funeral and i cant help but think of how many lives she changed for good. she was such a talented woman. she had her head on straight. her testimony was firm. she conquered every trial that ever came her way with a smile on her face. she continued pressing forward, no matter what the circumstances.

she posessed every trait i admire.

i ponder at what she would be doing today if she were still here. what she would look like. how involved she would be with my life.

i'm so thankful to have had such a special lady who not only was my grandma, but also a dear friend, who continues to be a positive role model in my life.

i hope i am living up to her name and that i can continue to make her proud.

i love you grandma.

happy birthday. :)


happy thanksgiving

i have SO much to be thankful for this year. it's hard for me to even to decide where to begin.

i am so thankful to be living life surrounded by those i love. family and friends. parents who love and help me in so many ways. who set examples for me and make me want to be a better person. grandparents who have shown me how to live my life properly and how to honor a name. who love me despite my faults. friends. new & old. who continue to amaze me. help me grow. lift me up. three AWESOME roomates who all get along. each of them i simply adore. i am thankful that these people are put into my life for a reason.

i am thankful for how much i have learned so far in my life. lessons learned the hard way. lessons from mistakes. and lessons taught by other people.

i am thankful for a new job, that i love. with co-workers, i love.

i am thankful to be alive in the exact time and place that i am.

i am thankful to be attending utah state. i am thankful to be a part of the interior design program with professors and peers who continue to help me shape my future.

i am thankful for the gospel. the simple truths i have been taught since i was young that continue to help me today. for a modern day prophet, president monson. i am thankful for the gospel because in a world that is constantly changing, it's the one thing i can count on to stay the same.

i am thankful for the little things that make life so great.

this list could go on forever. :)



i am thankful for.

alarm clocks.
the pretty leaves on the ground and the way they smell after it rains.
getting to class BEFORE the hail storm attack.
cooking dinner without burning it.
connecting with loved ones. (you know who you are :])
experiences i have learned from trials.
my dad.
oh and... NO HOMEWORK.



today i am thankful for:
awesome roomates. who all get along. and give me that boost i need.
random phone calls from BOTH my parents. :)
a great job with amazing co-workers.
a major where my professors know me individually and take the time to help me with whatever i need.
friends who are always there for me.
and RAIN. :)


i'm hOOoOme! :)

new york.
was awesome.
loved every single minute of it.
loved the people. the weather. the FOOD.
everything about it.
quality time with my parents. meeting new friends. church in the manhatten temple.
6 hour walking tour, seriously the best way to see EVERY part of new york. walking everywhere.
the today show. seeing the lead singer of sugarland, charlie sheen, and taylor swift.
magnolia's bakery. david letterman show. central park.
riding the subway. the hustle and the bustle.
brooklyn bridge. 4 floor forever 21. :)
goodness this list could go on forever.