a very special lady.

i didn't think today would hit me as hard as it has, but its been rough.

thirteen years ago today, my sweet grandma carol slipped away peacefully after a battle with cancer, just hours before her 60th birthday.

i was only 7 at the time, but the impact it had on me then is just as strong, if not stronger than it was that night.

years have gone by, i have gotten older, and i have come to appreciate this lady more and more. my grandma was never one to ever complain. she was always happy with a smile that was contagious. and a hug that could heal anything. i can still hear her cute little laugh. she had so many friends. i still remember how many people were at her funeral and i cant help but think of how many lives she changed for good. she was such a talented woman. she had her head on straight. her testimony was firm. she conquered every trial that ever came her way with a smile on her face. she continued pressing forward, no matter what the circumstances.

she posessed every trait i admire.

i ponder at what she would be doing today if she were still here. what she would look like. how involved she would be with my life.

i'm so thankful to have had such a special lady who not only was my grandma, but also a dear friend, who continues to be a positive role model in my life.

i hope i am living up to her name and that i can continue to make her proud.

i love you grandma.

happy birthday. :)


Sadie Eames said...

LIsh! I remember going to see "Aunt Carol" in the hospital in Burley. I also remember how hard it was on Uncle Bud. She WAS an amazing lady! How lucky you are to have known her as well as Bev. Love you!

Tyler and Tashie said...

I couldn't quite find the words to express the feelings and emotions I have had today and the past 6 months. Thank you for saying just exactly how I felt!