studio final project

well i finished up the semester with a HUGE project for my commercial studio class. over 30,000 sq feet of floorplans for CARTOON NETWORK's corporate headquarters. it was such a fun project. definitely a little wacky, but definitely a new experience for me. boy was i glad to finally get some sleep once i turned this baby in... :)

the whole concept of the project was to incorporate wellness into a corporate space. they wanted us to create a space that was super convenient for employees and promote a healthy workspace. we were encouraged to put "break out areas" into our floorplans so employees would have a place to escape at work and keep their minds free flowing.
unlike the rest of the group, who put gyms and yoga areas into their spaces, my teacher wanted me to think a little more out of the box, since my company CARTOON NETWORK, was already quite the space to work with, so instead of your typical work out space, i put in a full blown playground for the employees. complete with a 2 story tree house.
the entire space was to mimic a neighborhood, hence the reason why the cubicles are houses,
making cartoon network one big neighborhood.
here are my final board layouts:
( the empty black squares are where i put my actual material samples.)

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