the low down.

well my friends, it's been forever and a decade since my last post, so i thought i'd finally catch ya'll up and give you the low down. holy tamole! its been crazy this last little bit. i don't even know where to begin. i feel like i've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off for the past 2 months, but things are finally settling down, and my plans are beginning to fall into place. i've always been a girl with a plan. i always knew what was gonna happen next. the past 2 months i had been struggling MEGA because for the first time ever, i had no plan, and no idea what my plans for the summer would hold. for my program, we are required to do a 6 week internship the summer before our senior year, which would be THIS summer. WHERE WOULD I EVEN GO? would i stay in utah? yes, i would, because i have a great job here, got offered a huge promotion, it would work out perfectly. so i had my heart pretty much set on it, knew exactly how it would roll out, and i was perfectly content with staying in logan and settling for an internship here. i had it all thought out, and it felt right, or so i thought. a few weeks into the semester, my professor had a little pow wow with us, and told us some info on finding an internship and then the conversation got deeper... he started talking about how big of an effect our internship really would have on our career. how getting out there and making yourself known not only shapes your design, but you as a person. he said how much he believed in us, and told us how so many firms have been impressed my our schoool's program. then he dropped the bomb, he didn't want anyone doing an internship in utah, unless under HUGE circumstances that they absolutely could not leave the state. after leaving class that day, i knew i was in trouble. i'm not one to really go big and bold, and take risks. (well, i have definitely come out of my shell since highschool, but STILL, my name is alisha harman, and im comfortable and content and HAPPY with where i am. who needs change?) anyways, i started talking to girls who did internships last year, i started googling places, looking at lists and lists of the top designers in the country. i prayed and prayed and prayed about it. nothing was coming. i didn't know what to do. i started talking to my dad about it. he wasn't too fond of me going somewhere far, but deep down i knew i needed to. over the previous months, a course of events that had taken place, things not working out that i had hoped would, but knowing that they hadn't worked out for one reason or another.. i kept praying. finally, i compiled a list of about 60 places throughout the country that i was going to send a friendly little email to, inquiring if they were accepting summer interns. i sent them out. i got various replies. ranging from about 14 "no" emails to 5 emails saying yes, send us your stuff! and the rest were either rude, shady, or just never replied. so for the ones who replied "yes"... i put together a lovely little digital portfolio of a few of my best pieces, a resume, and a letter, and sent it out. for the next week i waited, things were officially out of my hands. i had done basically all i could do, now it was up to them, and i got to play the waiting game. i heard back immediately from one firm in NYC, one who I REALLY REALLY LIKED. i had looked over her website, looked at her portfolio, done some research, and read up on her and her designers' bios. i felt so so good about her. it was a small firm, the head designer had been an editor of 2 major interior design magazines, and was ranked as one of Elle Decor's top 20 designers. i knew if i got accepted by her, i wouldn't get lost in the shuffle, and i would get so much experience, and be able to dig my hands into so many things, because her design field was so broad, she had a fabric and wall paper line, and her work was so spread out. her reply to the email said she thought my portfolio was wonderful and that she would love to set up a phone interview with me. two days later, i was on the phone with her senior designer for an interview. i have to admit that phone interviews are just as intimidating as in person, actually probably a little scarier, because at least in real life you get to see the person, and learn a few things about them. however, it went well. she told me she would let me know within the next couple of days when they made their final decision... meanwhile i got a few other emails from firms saying they wanted interviews. so i went through with those, those went good as well, but i still really was crossing my fingers for this other internship. none of them had felt as right as the first one. so i kept waiting patiently. so FINALLY, i heard back from them, AND... they wanted me as their intern. June 1 til August 1. I told them i was completely flattered, but i would have to work out a few details before i could give them a definite yes. i was EXSTATIC! i called my dad. no answer. i called my mom, no answer. FREAK WHERE IS EVERYONE WHEN I HAVE GOOD NEWS TO TELL???? finally my dad called me back, he said he would need a little bit to think about it and make sure he felt right about sending his daughter out there. i dont blame him, but STILL... i was dying. this was an opportunity of a life time. i had finally gotten use to the idea myself, i had EMBRACED the fact taht i needed change. i needed to get out there, especially since i have nothing or no one holding me back at the moment. i really felt like i needed this. for the first time in weeks, i finally had peace of mind, the pit in my stomach had gone away, and i could finally sleep. i knew it was right, i was just waiting for my dad to feel the same. the next morning he called me back and gave me the greenlight. so i called them up and gave them my affirmitive YES. and folks, i've felt great ever since... (ok so it's only been 4 days since i said yes,) BUT STILL, you wouldn't believe how much better i feel. there are still a few details i need to work out, such as housing? haha but for the most part i feel like i have things figured out and am counting down the days til june 1. i can't wait. after all of this, i have learned so much. it was such a difficult/rough process, but i wouldn't trade it for a thing.

i heard this quote by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and i feel like it fits perfectly...

"God expects you to have enough faith and determination and enough trust in him to keep moving, keep living, keep rejoicing. In fact, he expects you not simply to face the future; he expects you to embrace and shape the future-- to love it and rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities."

...and thats exactly what this internship is helping me to do. so here's to a better attitude towards change, and having faith in a great summer in NYC. :)

here's where i'll be interning:

and if i can figure out how to upload my portfolio onto here, then i shall do that as well. haha

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Macey Jones said...

so proud of you dear. that is SO EXCITING. and as scary as it is....it'll be fun to get out of the utah/idaho bubble for just a little while.

i'm looking forward to the day that you can design my house. :)