visiting designer :)


for the past month and a half, the junior studio has been working on a collaboritve project with an interior designer from new york, ghislene vinas. SUCH A NEAT LADY. yesterday, usu flew her out to spend a few days with us. such an incredible lady! born in the netherlands, raised in south africa, she now lives and runs her own business in new york. her stuff is crazy and out of the box.

take a look...

the project consisted of space planning and design work for an exisiting space,
a loft in Tribeca for the Mendez family. It was such a great experience and really pushed me as a designer to get out of my comfort zone and try a few wacky things. we were required to have 5 boards, 3 renderings, a floor plan, and we also designed a wall paper for the space. we spent monday and tuesday getting the studio ready for miss gv! wednesday started off with a 7 o'clock breakfast with her, then at 9:30 we did our presentations. TALK ABOUT BEING NERVOUS. at breakfast i nearly threw up, haha and to make matters slightly worse, when i got to the studio my boards had slipped.. oh well. things turned out well. i was one of the first to present. due to my mind being in lala land, i don't remember a word she said to me except she complimented me on my dress. :) then we had a luncheon followed by a presentation she did for campus. an extremely busy day, but all in all it was a great experience and i learned so much. i can't wait for more experiences like this.

my display!! (look my boards are crooked...)

the studio all decked out for miss gv!! look at all our lovely wallpaper designs hanging from

the ceiling :)

the kitchen.
the bedroom.
the playroom.

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Coupleena said...

Awesome Lish! You have a talent! Can't wait to hear about your day in person!