happy birthday mason. :]

so as most of you know, april is the happenin' month in the harman house.
mine, mason, and greggor's birthdays all fall in april. so it's a month we all look forward to, which is why i was a little surprised when i recieved a rather funny phone call last night.
it was mason....
"hey lish, do you know how many days are in march?"
i reply, "there are 31 days in march mason, and YES i know your birthday is on wednesday."
"well i was just making sure you didn't forget about me!"
then the phone clicked.
i couldn't help but chuckle.
haha this little guy never ceases to make me laugh.
i was 4 days from being 9 when this little kiddo was born.
april fool's day of 1999.
i thought my dad was kidding when he called to tell me that i had a
new little brother.
i even took the little guy to mrs. bradley's class for "show-and-tell."
it's crazy to think that he's now the
mason and i get along entirely too well for being siblings.
which is not a bad thing at all.
mason is one of the most honest kids you'll ever meet.
he's not afraid to say it like it is.
he has the softest heart and has an unconditional love for just about
anyone and anything.
(including his 50 gallon tank of hermit crabs. haha.)
there's never a dull moment with mason.
from his "that's what she said" comments, to his random phone calls,
the kid is adorable.
happy birthday mason!
don't party too hard,
i'll see you bright and early saturday! :]
love you buddy!


i like today. :]

so tuesday we got our sketchbooks back.
i was a little disappointed when i recieved 48 out of 50 total points
on my sketches. so for the past 2 days i have been beating myself up.
(haha ok not literally, but you know what i mean.)
but anyways today when we got to class, my professor said he had a couple of show stopper sketches to show us. so he starts the slideshow. panic set into my body as he showed us the first sketch. it was AMAZING. some girl had gone all out and sketched this huge old building. she didn't miss a detail. i was seriously in awe by her talent. so in my head i was thinking,
"ok there is no way i can compete with this. if i keep watching this slideshow i'm just going to become depressed." so i just decided to not watch it as he continued with the second slide. then the girl next to me nudged me and said, "LISH THAT'S YOUR CHAIR!" i looked up, and sure enough MY CHAIR HAD MADE THE SHOW STOPPERS. bahhhhh i was soooooo excited. so i decided to keep watching. good thing i did because 4 more of my sketches made the show stoppers. so right now, 6 hours later, i'm sitting here STILL smiling. :] :] :] :]
haha i feel like i'm floating on a cloud? haha it just doesn't seem real that 5 of the 12 show stoppers were mine. hahha ahhh.. i love my life. and to make my day EVEN more better, uncle clark, aunt tina, zane, and jade came to logan today. they came to check out campus for zane next year, so i got to spend a little time with them. it was super fun. it was way good to see family. :] it made me happy.
it's been a tough week, but today made it ALL worth it. haha i like today. :]


spring is in the air... and so is smoke. haha :]

wow it's been quite some time since my last post.
so a few quick updates...
so i FINALLY finished my 20 sketches for my architecture & furnishings class.
as i turned in my sketchbook, it felt like a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders.
however, i am just about sick of chairs. haha. :]
(there's a slideshow of some of them on my previous post.)

today was BEAUTIFUL.
it made me happy to see the sunshine.
in fact i even walked home from school today.
didn't even have to wear a coat.
but i think i'm going to invest in a bottle of pepperspray.
there were a few creepers on the way down to my apartment. haha.
spring is definitely in the air,
and i CAN'T wait for spring break.
nothing really new in my life,
except for the fact that i have officially
grounded myself from cooking.
don't even worry.
i didn't start my kitchen on fire.
every smoke alarm didn't go off.
there were no flames at all.
my neighbors didn't get mad.
i wasn't embarassed at all.
and i didn't spend hours cleaning our stove.
(haha i wish none of the above were true.)
please don't judge me: all i wanted was a nice bowl of pasta roni. :(
haha, but we live and we learn right?

sketchbook complete. :]