happy birthday mason. :]

so as most of you know, april is the happenin' month in the harman house.
mine, mason, and greggor's birthdays all fall in april. so it's a month we all look forward to, which is why i was a little surprised when i recieved a rather funny phone call last night.
it was mason....
"hey lish, do you know how many days are in march?"
i reply, "there are 31 days in march mason, and YES i know your birthday is on wednesday."
"well i was just making sure you didn't forget about me!"
then the phone clicked.
i couldn't help but chuckle.
haha this little guy never ceases to make me laugh.
i was 4 days from being 9 when this little kiddo was born.
april fool's day of 1999.
i thought my dad was kidding when he called to tell me that i had a
new little brother.
i even took the little guy to mrs. bradley's class for "show-and-tell."
it's crazy to think that he's now the
mason and i get along entirely too well for being siblings.
which is not a bad thing at all.
mason is one of the most honest kids you'll ever meet.
he's not afraid to say it like it is.
he has the softest heart and has an unconditional love for just about
anyone and anything.
(including his 50 gallon tank of hermit crabs. haha.)
there's never a dull moment with mason.
from his "that's what she said" comments, to his random phone calls,
the kid is adorable.
happy birthday mason!
don't party too hard,
i'll see you bright and early saturday! :]
love you buddy!

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