spring is in the air... and so is smoke. haha :]

wow it's been quite some time since my last post.
so a few quick updates...
so i FINALLY finished my 20 sketches for my architecture & furnishings class.
as i turned in my sketchbook, it felt like a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders.
however, i am just about sick of chairs. haha. :]
(there's a slideshow of some of them on my previous post.)

today was BEAUTIFUL.
it made me happy to see the sunshine.
in fact i even walked home from school today.
didn't even have to wear a coat.
but i think i'm going to invest in a bottle of pepperspray.
there were a few creepers on the way down to my apartment. haha.
spring is definitely in the air,
and i CAN'T wait for spring break.
nothing really new in my life,
except for the fact that i have officially
grounded myself from cooking.
don't even worry.
i didn't start my kitchen on fire.
every smoke alarm didn't go off.
there were no flames at all.
my neighbors didn't get mad.
i wasn't embarassed at all.
and i didn't spend hours cleaning our stove.
(haha i wish none of the above were true.)
please don't judge me: all i wanted was a nice bowl of pasta roni. :(
haha, but we live and we learn right?

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