happy thanksgiving

i have SO much to be thankful for this year. it's hard for me to even to decide where to begin.

i am so thankful to be living life surrounded by those i love. family and friends. parents who love and help me in so many ways. who set examples for me and make me want to be a better person. grandparents who have shown me how to live my life properly and how to honor a name. who love me despite my faults. friends. new & old. who continue to amaze me. help me grow. lift me up. three AWESOME roomates who all get along. each of them i simply adore. i am thankful that these people are put into my life for a reason.

i am thankful for how much i have learned so far in my life. lessons learned the hard way. lessons from mistakes. and lessons taught by other people.

i am thankful for a new job, that i love. with co-workers, i love.

i am thankful to be alive in the exact time and place that i am.

i am thankful to be attending utah state. i am thankful to be a part of the interior design program with professors and peers who continue to help me shape my future.

i am thankful for the gospel. the simple truths i have been taught since i was young that continue to help me today. for a modern day prophet, president monson. i am thankful for the gospel because in a world that is constantly changing, it's the one thing i can count on to stay the same.

i am thankful for the little things that make life so great.

this list could go on forever. :)

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