MY. quirks. :)

i'm me. plain & simple.
one: it's virtually impossible for me to fall asleep before one o'clock a.m. and at these times, i find myself doing some of the most random things ever.
two: fact- in highschool i was grounded from the privledge of rearranging my bedroom, due to the fact that i may or may not have accidentally tore the carpet.
three: i love chocolate in any way, shape, or form. :)
four: when i am parking my car, i always take off my seatbelt before, because i feel that it helps me park "better." Some would beg to differ.
five: i haven't even come close to mastering the whole "domestic cooking" thing yet.
however, i'm so close to perfecting the art of baking cookies, it scares me. haha.
six: it's almost disgusting how often i visit mcdonalds. in fact, last week my roomates dared me to go a week without eating there. let's just say, i lasted 5 days.
my visit to the drive thru goes a little something like this:
employee: "Hi, welcome to McDonald's! What can we make for you today?"
me: "Hello. One McDouble, ketchup only, one small fry, and a large blue powerade."
employee & myself repeat in unison: "Alrighty that will be $3.23 at the first window please. :)"
i'm sure when they see me pull up, they all roll their eyes and mumble..
"Oh no! Not this girl again!"
seven: Every morning, whether i need to or not, my brain likes to wake up at 5:32 a.m.
it is then quickly put back to sleep... thank you snooze button.
eight: i REALLY REALLY need to start thinking about things before i say them. i have been known to embarass myself once or twice.
nine: i think i have watched just about every episode of CSI, NCIS, criminal minds, and the medium, at least twice.
ten: i think my laugh changes, everytime i laugh.
eleven: i have a bucket list, and i plan to complete it!
twelve: i am completely content with where my life is headed right now. somedays are harder than others, but i know that if i keep doing what i'm suppose to, everything will work out how its suppose to, at exactly the right time and place that its suppose to. i find comfort in knowing that. :)
thirteen: when i grow up, i want a big, super super OLD timeless looking house.
fourteen: a few of my fears: failure, clowns, and sex offenders. random, i know!
fifteen: most of the pictures on my computer are saved to a file entitled "inspiration. All of the photos are random tidbits i find pertaining to interior design, event planning, houses, headbands, weddings, and photography.
sixteen: the gospel is a HUGE part of my life. without it, i wouldn't be me. i am so blessed to have it as a part of my life.
seventeen: music, i listen to it all. And pandora radio is quite possibly the best thing invented since sliced bread.
eighteen: i truly believe that certain people, things, and experiences are placed in your life for a reason. and in everything you do, there is a lesson to be learned.
nineteen: chuck norris is quite possibly one of my favorite people. :)
twenty: i enjoy playing "YOUR TEAM" entirely too much. especially with my mom, she always finds me the most random people for my team.
twenty one: i'm obsessed with the number 3. in all my sketches, designs, or projects, i always make sure i have things in groups of three. and in my sketches i place three dots on random things.

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