i love this guy.

just a few reasons why i love my dad...

he's got one of those smiles that becomes contagious,
accompanied by the most comforting laugh.
he's got the best advice.
he's hardworking. actually hardworking is probably and understatement,
because he is constantly working.
he likes burnt brownies. :)
his phone calls and text messages are completely random,
but they always seem to occur at the time when i need them.
he looks out for me.
he cares so much about my family and i.
he continues to love me unconditionally.
he is one of the most unjudging individuals you will ever meet. he gives everyone a chance. and isn't afraid to be friends with anyone. he loves everyone despite their past and flaws. he sees hope in everyone.
he loves my mom. and treats her with respect.
he is one of the most outgoing people i know.
he enjoys serving others.
he makes sure the grass in our yard is always the greenest.
he makes the best steak and potatoes, chili tacos, and dutch oven anything.
he has never asked me to do anything that he wasn't already willing to do himself.
dad, thanks for always being the person i need you to be.
happy fathers day.
i love you.

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