a wild hair, literally.

so i had a bit of a wild hair today, literally.
christmas break in logan,
alone with my roomate who is attending hairschool,
can only lead to one thing,
THIS. i know what you're thinking.
"alisha, you've been blonde your
whole life. why this?"
and to answer you,
i really have no idea why i did it.
im still in shock.
i've never done anything so daring
in my life,
but i must say, i like it.
and dad,
i love you.
please don't think im rebelling. :]
and just so you guys all know
i have already proven the fact that
you don't have to be blonde to have
blonde moments.
i was making waffles,
didn't have eggs.
so i made a SPECIAL trip
to the grocery
to buy eggs.
made the waffles.
took a bite.
they were dry.
verdict is:
i forgot to add the
eggs to the waffle mix.
haha only me, only me.


Tashie said...

Love it Lish! LOVE IT!!

Allie said...

You look really good as a brunette...I love it!

Lisha said...

Haha thanks guys!