mr. macgreggor

well, you guessed it,
yet ANOTHER birthday.
this little twirp
mr. macgreggor
is turning
the big 14.
holy crap.
where does time go honestly?
i had to pull out this picture from 2006.
i was blonde, and he was young.
boy, how things change.
greggor is quite the kid, i tell you what.
you never know what to expect.
he's always up to something. my mother would say "scheming." he's famous for his "mumbling under his breath while getting in trouble," and his "short but sweet prayers." if we want to eat fast, we know who to call on for the blessing of the food. he always has something up his sleeve. he definitely keeps us on our toes. he recently posted his own videos on youtube. describing why you shouldn't judge "offbrand" paintballs just because they are from walmart. my dad told me to watch the videos and i nearly wet my pants. the kid honestly is hilarious. he's also VERY protective. in highschool, when boys would come over, he would do everything in his power to make them feel uncomfortable. he'd tease them to no end. this kid is a thinker. i remember one night, greggor took advantage of having his bedroom on the upper level of our house. as two of my guy friends were leaving, greggor popped out the screen of his window and started attacking them with his airsoft gun. at the time i thought he was the BIGGEST pain in the butt, but now i'll admit, i do miss the kid. (sidenote: hmmm maybe greggor should come live here in logan with me and scare off all the creeper guys that are around here. haha) i can't believe how fast he has grown up. in fact, i think he's even taller than me now. (well who isn't? haha!) but greggor, you little butt, i hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i miss you and love you. see you soon kiddo!

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