Utah Vision Walk

on june 13, i had the opportunity to join my family in salt lake for the first annual
Utah Vision 5k walk. it was an event put on to help raise funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. I have two cousins who have a genetic eye disease called X-linked juvenile retinoschisis. The disease affects the retina of the eye, causting retinal degeneration along with other potential complications, possibly leading to complete blindness.

i'll definitely be walking it again next year, and hopefully helping my aunt sarah out alot more. she is such an awesome lady. she put so much work into the walk and i want her to know i love her and that she is a great example to me. the event was carefully planned and was a huge success. it was amazing to see all the love and support people had for this cause. i had a blast and i know everyone else in attendance did also.

here are a few photos. :)

lucas and caleb sporting their balloon hats. :)

aunt janet, aunt sarah, and my mom.

me, my mom, and averi.

tash, me, uncle jared, and ave pausing for a quick photo op.

me and tash just walkin it out. :)

team monster truck :)

grandma & grandpa eliason and aunt sarah.

lucas & my mom.

at the finish.. caleb, me, averi, tash, and my mom.

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