don't drink while driving. thank you.

this picture makes me smile. :)
i'm an addict, i'll be the first to admit it.
my mom has had me hooked on it since, well uh FOREVER.
so of course, yesterday when the lady at the wendy's drive thru asked me what i wanted to drink with my #11, i didn't even hesitate, i replied, "a medium diet coke please."
so i pay, get my lunch, and headed back to my apartment.
i was a block away from my apartment, stopped at a stoplight, with nothing better to do, but
to take a sip of my diet coke. haha, i swear it was calling out to me, but anyways, i finally gave in and picked up my drink and put my blackberry in the cupholder. after taking a sip of my drink, i went to return it to the cupholder, while at the same time i managed to knock the lid off my drink and not only did it spill on my entire lap, seat, passenger seat & floor mat, but it ALSO filled the entire cupholder that my blackberry was sitting in. at first i was in a state of shock. i rushed home cleaned out my car, changed my clothes, and attempted to fix my no longer functioning blackberry. i was distraught. especially since my blackberry is basically my life.
many thoughts were running through my mind:
well that mystery may never be solved, but thanks to my lovely cousin Chelsey, she solved my cell phone problem. i was talking to her on facebook telling her about my lovely incident, i'm sure she was laughing, because seriously it is rather comical, but i was freaking out. then she suggested that i take the battery and sim card out of my phone, and stick my phone into a bag of rice. then she said, "i know it sounds crazy, but just do it. my sister-in-law did it. the rice absorbs all the moisture." so i tried it, AND OH MY HECK IT WORKED.

chelsey i love you my dear, you are a lifesaver. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

and for the rest of you reading this, the moral of the story is: don't drink while driving. haha ok so we already know not to do that, but just in case your cell phone gets damaged by ANY liquid form, put it in a bag of rice, and in just a few short hours, your phone will be restored. :)

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Anonymous said...

what can I say I am a genius! Ha ha jk! I can't believe it worked. I am glad it did though. All your posts are hilarious. When I read them I can picture you saying it all in your exact words. Thanks for coming and for that sweet note on the bed! We will all need to get together again soon.