have you seen my brain?

my brain
seriously. i could go on and on.
story after story.
telling you the many occasions this week, where i have wanted to crawl under a bench and hide.
i think my brain is missing.
[the icing on the cake]
so wednesday on my way home from class i decided i was definitely in need of a diet coke. so i pull up to wendy's and order one.
as i pull up to the second window and the employee tells me my total, i suddenly realize that my wallet is in my backpack.. which inevitably is located in my trunk.
i go to open my door and realize that oh dear.. my door is too close to the drive up window to exit the vehicle.
i look at the employee.
"just a second!"
(ya right now you're thinking, ok lisha seriously? don't worry, i was thinking the same..)
i then proceed to put my car into park.
hop my front seat, then
hop my backseat.
grab my wallet out of my backpack.
hop the backseat.
hop the front seat.
by this point in time, 3 wendy's employees had huddled around the drive thru window and were LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF.
i hand them my debit card, take my coke, and zoom off.
so embarassing.
i think i will blame my brain and the lack there of, on this lovely little routine i am trying to get use to.. its called school.
and unfortunately, it's kicking my behind.
2 semesters. i can do this.

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