i survived... i think. :)

well friends,
my life is finally back to normal, well at least for a little bit.
the last week i've been prepping for sophomore review.
talk about stressful.
last week i got a total of 8 hours of sleep.
kinda freaky, i know.
didn't even see my roomates hardly,
but it feels so good to have all my projects done and on display
for the panel of judges to critique and tell me if
i'm up to par and able to stay in the program.
we had a total of 7 projects to submit.
the first was a gallery concept.
we picked an artist.
i picked michelle caplan.
she's a mixed media collage artist. her stuff is way neat.
we then chose an inspiration piece.
this would be mine below.

based on our image, we then abstracted it, did a series of functional diagrams, parti diagrams, bubble diagrams, and sought out on our concept for our design.
(i couldn't get by concept and programming boards to upload. :( but lets just say they took
alot of planning, but i was pleased with how they turned out.)
they then gave us each a floor plan to base the gallery in.
based on our diagrams and abstractions, we then transformed the floor plan into a gallery and planned the space.
it was an adventure. but i loved every minute of it.
we were required to hand render a perspective of the gallery and a rendered floor plan.
hand rendering is so much fun. its time consuming, but its fun to see how your style changes and how far you progress as you practice.
here are how those turned out.
another project that was reviewed was our famous furniture piece.
we had to pick a furniture piece, built a vignette aroudn it, build it in autocad, extrude it, then load it into 3Dsmax and render it.
it was sooo much fun. and its probably my favorite project i've done so far.

the remaining pieces of the review were from my tiny house project.
hahaha. glad its over.
i find out friday whether i'm in or not.


Anonymous said...

i am a 1000% positive you are in. You are so smart and talented.

Tashie said...