catch up!

it seems like lately i just post a random picture of my current project and call it good for blogging, but its honestly been forever since i have actually sat down and wrote some stuff out. so i'll catch ya'll up on my life. this past week was spring break. let me just say, the week was DESPERATELY needed. i have enjoyed every single second of it. it started off with a huge celebration for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. such an awesome weekend spent with all of my mom's side. i don't get to see them all too much, so it was great to catch up with everyone. :) i sure do love them all. after a couple of days in spanish fork, i headed home with my mom and spent a few days just relaxing in good old burley. there's really no place like home. it's hard to believe that i have been out of the house for almost 2 WHOLE YEARS! oh my goodness! i feel so old. now i'm in logan.. for the rest of spring break. working at vanity :) and getting my portfolio together for sophomore review. i am SO nervous. my letter of intent to the interior design board is due wednesday, along with my transcript. the following monday is when my portfolio is due. its gonna be a tough pick this year. everyone in my level is SO talented. after the professors go over our work, they will choose with section to put us into. the two sections are studio and sales & marketing or the third section... NEITHER. ahhh i so hope and pray my work is of good enough quality to get into either. i started off the year wanting to be chosen to be in strictly studio, but as the year has progressed i have had a change of heart. i will honestly be happy with whatever section they choose for me. i'm just glad they get to pick for me because i'm so indecisive. so we will see what the future has in store for me.... :)

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