happy birthday GRANDPA BUD! :]

my grandpa bud...
i'm not gonna lie,
he's probably one of the cutest guys you'll ever meet.
he has a smile that could brighten anyone's day.
when you're around him,
you can't help but be happy.
i love my grandpa bud.
he has lived his life in such a way, that
touches everyone he meets.
he's constantly doing good for other people.
he is so so talented.
he has a strong testimony.
i've never met one person who has not had
something nice to say about my grandpa bud.
my grandpa bud always has a smile on his face.
he's funny.
i love his stories.
i look forward to seeing him.
i love his hugs.
i love sitting by him in sacrament.
especially, when he cracks jokes.
he always has the "sweetest vehicles."
back in my high school days,
at lunch i'd always see him cruising around town.
my friends would tell me that i have an awesome grandpa,
and i couldn't agree more.
he is such a great example to me.
he has been through a lot, but
he still stays strong.
i love you.
thank you for
i hope you have a
very very very
don't party too hard! haha. :)

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