:] oh JOY!

do you ever
have one of those days where you
just want to stay in your pj's and curl up
into a ball and snuggle next to the fireplace all day?
haha well, I DO, far too often i might add.
and unfortunately i do not have a fireplace,
nor the time to be wasting.
but you can't blame a girl for wishing, right?
well spring semester is officially in full swing.
trust me, i have 3 tests next week to remind me of that.
don't get me wrong. i truly am enjoying the classes i am taking.
especially, my rapid visualizations class, also known as sketching.
it's such a blast. my teacher is the BOMB.
she has such a bubbly personality, you can't help but come to class.
i also love the fact that she BUILDS our confidence.
haha i'm no sketcher, but boy oh boy, she makes me feel good.
today we had our first sketchbook check.
we are required to sketch outside of class 6 hours a week, besides
the 6 hours we spend in her class.
haha don't worry, it's totally kicking my butt.
but oh well things like this build "character." :]
someday i will thank her, i know i will.
my other favorite class would be history of architecture & furnishings.
SO SO FUN & interesting. my professor darrin adds pizazz to his lectures.
currently we're learning about the william & mary, queen anne, and the chippendale
styles and periods. it's way cool.
along with school, the rest of my life is running smoothly.
just putting in my good ole' hours at vanity
and chilling with the roomies. :]
life is good. i can't complain.
random, but funny story.
so last thursday i was walking to my sketching class.
it was rather freezing. you gotta love logan!
i was bundled up in a hoodie along
with my peacoat, a pair of mittons, a scarf and a hat.
i guess you could say i looked a bit like an eskimo.
i was also sporting my all-time favorite zebra print bag.
but anyways....
as i was walking, i heard a deep voice behind me shout
i ignored it, and kept walking.
but again, i heard from behind,
so i finally decide to turn around because i remember
that i am wearing my zebra bag.
so i turn around to find a HUGE, TALL, BLACK, (did i mention
HUGE?) guy. haha i'm not gonna lie, i was frightened.
all i could do was force a grin.
he then replied, "Well hello there delicate!"
hahahhahahhaha oh my heck.
i seriously don't think i have ever laughed so hard in my
life. no one has ever called me delicate before.
but anyways, i ran to class like a mad woman,
escaping this stranger.
haha i've come to face the fact that my life is random,
and always will be.
oh joy.... so many more adventures await me. :]

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Anonymous said...

hahahahaha your so delicate that is freakin hilarious. i would have ran away too. lol