another summer day has come and gone away.

Where the heck did Summer go?
Honestly, I feel like it just started.
But it's nearly September...
goodness gracious!

But I must say, this has been one of the most random, fun, stress-free, memorable summers I have had in a very very long time. It's also the VERY first summer I've spent in Idaho in 4 years. And never in a million years would I have guessed I would have spent it the way I did, but I am oh so glad I did!

After graduation in May, everything else has just buzzed on by. 
Here's a re-cap.

May and June were spent in Logan. 
Finishing up an Art History Class (blah!) and putting in my final hours with this crew at Downeast!

June faded, and with my apartment contract ending, I was uncertain of what my post-graduation future would hold, so bitter-sweetly, I moved on back to Burley.

Last fall after returning from my awesome internship, I had ZERO intentions of ever ever moving back home.
I had high hopes of returning back to the big city, at least for a little bit, to pursue my career in a place that was a thriving metropolis for design. I kept in close contact with my designer all year. As the year drew on, she kept throwing me the idea of coming back. Two of her junior designers were expecting babies, and she wanted my help! I was honored, thrilled, and excited about the idea. However, as graduation drew closer, the idea became less appealing, for reasons I have no idea how to explain, but in a nut-shell, it just didn't feel right, at least not for the time being. So I began exploring the Salt Lake area for jobs. I love Salt Lake and it's the biggest city closest to home, so i figured, "WHY NOT?"
I applied for a few design jobs. 
Within a week's time...
 I heard back instantly from one.
Interviewed with two,
was offered a job with another...
 was about to accept, but it didn't feel right.
 I wasn't sold. I couldn't commit. I felt completely uneasy.
So I declined.

By this time I'm thinking...
I guarantee my parents were thinking the same thing.
So one weekend while visiting home, I had a serious talk with my dad.
You know what kind of talk I'm talking about.
Some might refer to it as a..
or a 
(for lack of a better term)
Basically, I was really at my wit's end and while I had so many options,
I still felt like I had none. After sorting it all out with my dad, we decided that if no other opportunities presented themselves by the time my contract was up, I would move home, and roll with it from there. As long as I was doing what I was suppose to and doing my part, things would work out the way they were suppose to.

And what do you know..
opportunities started rolling my way.
I had the absolute pleasure of being an event planner for my cousin and good friend Sadie.
I enjoyed every single second of it and am rather pleased with how it turned out.
(Details & Post to follow a little later...)

I got a job working part-time at Wells Fargo. Never in a million years did I think I would end up working at a bank, but it has been an extremely educational and humbling experience.

And most recently I have taken a new job that I am absolutely and completely THRILLED about.
One that I will get to use my education and design skills on.
I literally have been giddy for the past 2 weeks
Details on that to follow as well...

You don't always end up where you think you'll be,
you always end up where you are suppose to be.

That's all for now.
Over & out...



Macey Peterson said...

lets keep these blog posts coming. it's the only way i stay up on your life. :)

glad to hear everything worked out. miss you girl!

MulfHerd said...

What?! You're seriously going to leave me hanging like that? I want to hear where you got your new job! And way to go on the Wells Fargo gig... I think I would suck at that job. ha ha!

Coupleena said...

Can't wait for the "to be continued" series of this post :). Glad you had a good summer. Please fill us in soon!