Senior Exhibit

Last weekend was the the weekend that Utah State Interior Design students wait their whole college careers for, SENIOR EXHIBIT. 
The actual exhibit is set up for a month, but Friday night was our reception. 
It was so fun to see everyone's favorite work and display what we've been up to the past 4 years. 
All those all-nighters made it worth it! 
So grateful for all my friends & family who traveled to spend the evening with me. 
Words cannot express how great it has been to have your love and support on this journey! 
Here's the exhibit reception via iPhone. :)

 Good golly, it took a week to set up. 
I was a bit worried that it wasn't going to turn out, but it turned out perfect! 
 Love the 15 people and professors that have become my family over the past four years.
 I'll look back at this with fond, fond memories of each of them.

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