it was a party!

just to give you a heads up, this post is gonna be packed with photos.
consider yourself warned.

about a month ago i was given a calling in church.
home enrichment committee.
wanna know my first thoughts?
"awesome. i never go to home enrichment, that's why i'm getting this calling. this will teach me a lesson."
and it certainly has done just that.

my roomate megan and i are on the committee together so almost immediately we put on our thinking caps and started to plan the upcoming relief society birthday dinner.
we wanted a fun night, celebrating all the sisters in our wards birthdays.
we wanted to the night to be as laid back as possible, so the girls could just come and enjoy themselves.


and can i just say, I LOVE MY CALLING!
it was so much fun.
( can i be a party planner when i grow up? food, decorating, invitations, whats not to love?)

not going to lie, during the prep time the week of, i was like
how in the heavens is this all going to fall together?
oh and to add to this little pre-party anxiety...
the season's biggest (and only) snow storm decided to come at 5 o'clock that night right as i'm about to drive to the church with 125 cupcakes in the back of my car.
visions of slamming on my breaks and having cupcakes fly everywhere kept dancing through my mind.
i'm happy to say that didn't happen. 
the night was a success and we had such a good turn out!

a few, 
a variety,
a couple, 
a glimpse,
ok, ok, ok,
of photos from the evening...
{fun little invite i made.}
{thank goodness to our roomates for helping us whip out all these cupcakes.
cake boss, watch your back,  YSA 45th Ward is headed your way!}
 we made a photo booth for the girls to take 
pictures with their roomates. 
complete with some hilarious props.
(my roomates and i may or may not have gotten a little carried away...)

{girls of apartment A206}

{janna & i always get asked if we are sisters...}

{typical us}

{a few of the elders quorum who served us dinner. bless their hearts}

{karah & myself}


{megs & i, my partner in crime for the event}


Coupleena said...

lol, adorable pictures. I'm sure your party was a hit! And I'm quite confident you would be an amazing party planner ;).

MulfHerd said...

OH my goodness! You are the best, Lish! Those invites are adorable!! And for the record, I will hire you to plan all of my future parties. :)