and praise the heavens.

my very last fall semester is officially over.
and i am overjoyed.
(to say the least).
I still have two finals to take, but my project is out of the way.
All semester we have been working on our Senior Capstone project,
 which is designing a 22 floor W Hotel.
 Floor plans, perspectives, materials, and all the fixings.
It's been quite the task!
If you haven't ever heard of The W Hotels, click here.
They are incredibly classy. 
Each hotel is branded specifically based on the city it is built in.
(It's on my bucket list to stay at one someday. 
When and Where have yet to be determined, but it will happen.)
Our project is based in Salt Lake City. So we had to pull all of our inspiration directly from SLC.
I took my concept quite literally and based my concept on the actual Great Salt Lake. I did tons of research on the formation of salt and how it forms in pools and layers that are created.
Kind of neat.

Here's a bit of the process...

Concept/ Inspiration Board
Two images are actual photos of the lake in it's frozen stages.
My color scheme and concept of layers and depth are based of these two photos.
(P.S. I can't get this image to rotate, I apologize.)

Line drawing of corridor.
3D View of Corridor in it's beginning stages.
Bird's Eye View of Guest Suite.
Here's a poster I presented last Thursday to 6 visiting designers. This is my board for my Lobby, Reception Desk, and Grand Staircase. It still has a few kinks that need worked out, but by the end of next semester this project will be COMPLETED. I will also have all of my computer rendering images done, for now, I have just hand drafted the majority of them.

This studio class has taken a HUGE amount of my time. 
But another class I enjoyed taking this semester was a drawing class I took for my art elective. 
It totally got me out of my comfort zone. 
I started working with charcoal, which  I have never ever used. And I'm not going to lie, it is quite difficult. Here are some of the projects I did for that class.
3D Perspective of boxes. 

Portrait of a fellow student.

This was suppose to look like the New York Skyline, and it doesn't.
Epic fail.

It's been a fun semester, but stressful.
Glad it's over.
couldn't end this post without this picture.
Gosh, I love my job!
Another productive night at work! I had way too much fun riding around the store with the clothing manager's daughter, and amongst all the fun, we ended up selling a few of the scooters. I'd consider it a successful night!

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Coupleena said...

you have seriously got talent chica! Love the theme and all your creativity. And I laughed out loud at your last picture. heehee!