i survived. :)

haha it's been quite the crazy adventure the past couple of days. and i must say i am happy to have them over with.

SUNDAY: taught my very first lesson in relief society. never in a million years would i have thought that at this point in my life i would already be teaching relief society. ( i'm 2nd counselor in the relief society now.) i was oh so nervous. it also didn't help that the lesson was only a page and a half long. so knowing that when i am nervous, i tend to speak rather quickly, i decided to print off a couple of conference talks, and work them into my lesson. haha oh goodness, i still spoke too quickly, with almost 20 minutes remaining. thank goodness the bishop was there to help out. :) my lesson went well though, and i learned so much preparing it. lets cross our fingers that next time goes more smoothly and i learn to talk slower. (thanks mom for passing on that trait. lol)

MONDAY: started my 4th semester of school. (holy crap! like really i feel so old & accomplished.) my classes went well. and shouldn't be quite as tough as last semester, or at least we can hope. i am taking the second part of my CAD & Graphics courses. along with English 2010, Natural Disasters and Space Planning.

Also, to add to my first day of school jitters. I got to attend my first and hopefully ONLY, courtroom experience. back in august aspen and i caught 2 girls shoplifting, and they ended up taking it to court. never been so intimidated in my life. but.. it builds character i guess, right?

TUESDAY: school and a couple lovely hours of doing inventory at the store. glad that's over. i counted around 300 pairs of jeans... enough said.

here's too the past couple of days... lets see what the rest of the week has to offer. :)

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