on septemeber 30, 2009, something walked into my life, that would change it forever.
whom may you ask?
well, my friends, i'll tell you.
people keep asking me "lish, where have you been? what have you been doing with all your time? we never see you anymore, are you ok?"
and to them i would reply, " you will see, you will see."
and now finally after 3 months of adventure, i will now confess.
"hiiii my name is alisha and i have been in a love/hate relationship for the past 3 months."

i've spent countless hours, so wrapped up and involved in this little guy. at first it was fun. i'd look forward to the time i would get to spend with him. always wondering what i'd get to do with him next. what adventure would wait for us today! time would just fly whenever i was with him. all the hours would just fade into each other. getting little or no sleep each night because of him, and when i did get sleep, of course i was still dreaming about him. my life was consumed. when i let friends get a glimpse of him, they would just stand back in awe, asking, "is this HIM?" people couldn't understand why i would let him control everything i did. why i was spending so much time with him instead of THEM.
with whom you may ask?
who is this HIM i keep talking about?

let me introduce you to him. tiny, these are my friends,
friends this is tiny, my love for the past 3 months.
haha is he not what you were expecting?
in my design program, each sophomore must go through the gruelling process of designing an entire 1000 sq. foot home.
the whole process.
brainstorming ideas, building it on cadd, getting each section and aspect of the plan approved by my professor. building presentation boards, axonometric views, construction documents and the final building model of your house.
it's been a heck of a semester.
i wouldn't trade it for anything, or would i? haha.
and like any relationship,
we'll see if this one pays off.
and if i have a future with it.
i guess we will see in april when sophomore review rolls around...

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