in the past week, i have been in a few situations,
that have caused me to realize just how precious life is.
the truth is, we take it for granted.
we never know how long we have.
so while we're here, being tried and tested,
we need to make the MOST of it.
live each day to the fullest.
don't hold grudges.
enjoy the little things.
appreciate those around you.
laugh TOO much.
you can never have too many friends.
count your blessings.
family is everything.
choose the right.
everything in our lives happen for a reason,
at exactly the right time,
at exactly the right place,
that it's suppose to.
heavenly father watches out for each and every one of us.
and hears and answers our prayers.

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Tashie said...

I love ya Lish! You do have a purpose to be here!! ;)