a week of adventure...

yayyyy. so this week was filled with
many adventures.
some fun, and some not so fun.
sunday started off with the lovely superbowl.
food, friends and football.
can life get any better?
me, aspen, and tashie, stayed true to our
steelers and it surely paid off.
great game i might add.
however, the lovely group of people i watched
the game with
tricked me into thinking that the
whole 4th quarter was going to be
played in 3D.
i watched the entire game thinking that,
and until yesterday i believed it.
ahhh, when will these blonde moments
stop happening?
monday, me and aspen
didn't have school nor work.
so we set out and explored good ole logan.
we found some new places.
and we tooks some lovely pictures.
it was a freakin blast.
most of tuesday and wednesday was filled with
homework and studying.
so in a past post, i mentioned the sketching
class that has totally been kicking my butt.
but i have an update.
it's still kicking my butt, haha,
however, i think my "sketching skills" have
somewhat improved.
here's one of my latest.
it took me 3 freaking hours, but i must
say, i am proud.
i also tested out my new "architectual lettering" out
on the piece.
thursday night, aspen's dad was in town snowmobiling
so he took us out to eat at the all time favorite
sooo delicious.
friday night i worked worked worked.
saturday i worked worked worked.
but saturday night...
so so much fun.
well it was quite the week.
wonder what this week shall bring... :]

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